Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cultural Craft: Rainsticks

As part of our cultural studies, we are currently studying Chile. We've been more or less following this schedule for our lessons, though we are doing it as a lapbook. For our craft, I chose to have the kids make rainsticks based on this Crayola lesson plan. I wanted to share it with you so you could see the steps. We all totally loved this craft project.

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A Brief History of the Rainstick

The rainstick is thought to have been created in either Chile or Peru by the desert peoples. It was believed to draw the attention of the rain spirits. In Chile, the rainsticks are made from dried, hollowed pieces of cactus. The spines are broken off and then hammered back into the tube, which is then filled with small stones, shells, and other items.

Supplies for Making Your Own Rainstick

Directions for DIY Rainsticks

:: Place one end of your cardboard tube on a piece of cardstock or construction paper. Trace around the open end of your cardboard tube.

:: Next draw a larger circle around the small circle now on your paper. (A compass works best for this part.)

:: Cut some small slits inwards, but not past the inner circle

:: Put glue around the edge of your tube by dipping a Q-tip into liquid glue, or just use your finger to smear it on.

:: Fold the edges over and use a rubber band to temporarily hold them in place until the glue has dried.

:: Take a LONG piece of foil and twist it up into a long coil.
Place the coil inside your tube.

:: Gather dried rice and/or beans.

:: Add the rice/beans to your tube.
And seal the open end of your tube in the same manner as you did above.

:: Gather decorating supplies and let your kids' imagination go!
(Makers, glitter, cut paper pieces... whatever your child prefers.)

:: Make music!

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