Thursday, August 18, 2011

Healthy Snacks and Breakfasts for Los Niños...and You!

One of the best things about having this Nutrition Week on MommyMaestra is that I was able to pick your brains. I am always trying to think of healthy snacks for my kids. When we are hungry, we usually turn to: goldfish, grahm crackers, grapes, bananas, aguacates, apples, oranges, fiber bars, yogurt, apple sauce, and banana jars.

Maybe you are wondering what banana jars are? A long time ago, I discovered that my kids loved to eat pudding. (Who doesn't, right?) But I'm not keen on serving this as a snack. I try to keep all sugary foods to a minimum, and items like these are only allowed as a dessert - IF they finish their entire meal. I feel like the body handles the sugar better if it is eaten after a meal. Plus, their little bodies are close to full, so they are less likely to eat too much of it. Anyway, they also love yogurt and apple sauce. So I thought why not just create my own healthy, fruit "pudding?" And then I realized that, hey, Gerber already has!

You see where I'm going with this don't you? So because I'm all about saving time, I started buying Gerber baby food - just the fruits, like bananas, strawberry and banana, sometimes pear. And my kids have one jar instead of pudding or ice cream. *Win!*

And now, thanks to you, I have expanded my list! Here are some of your suggestions...

In addition, some of my blogging hermanas have shared their healthy recipes and snack choices with me. And so now, I share them with you...xo!

Blackberry Muffins from Sweet Life Bake
The Blackberry Muffins and Mango Agave Granola from Sweet Life Bake are making my mouth water! I want to try the muffins in the morning sometime and see how my kids do in school afterwards. I'm always looking for foods that will help them focus.
Bonnie also has a recipe for Overnight Oats on New Latina. I'm looking forward to trying this, too.

If you are looking for natural energy bars, check out Ericka's Honey Nutty Tree-Hugger Bars - they look deliciosos!! Her site, Nibbles and Feasts, is loaded with yummy recipes.

Mi amiga, Silvia, from Mama Latina Tips also has a great article on Soccer Snacks, but I think these would work well for children involved in any sport really. 

Con mucho cariño....


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