Thursday, February 3, 2011

We... Dig! The Maya Project

The dreaded flu has hit our house, but before I disappear for the rest of the week, I want to share with you a new website that I learned about yesterday. The Dallas Museum of Art has put together a fun (and educational!) site for students ages 10 and up. Dig! The Maya Project is an interactive game that allows you to explore the Maya culture by pretending to be an intern to an archaeologist.

You begin by choosing the archaeologist with whom you'd like to intern and then you go to the dig site, which is loosely based on an actual dig site in Central America or Mexico. Once there, you can dig up valuable artifacts and record your findings in a journal or sketchbook. The journal also holds information on the Maya, and includes images and games.

If your child is an Indiana Jones fan, or if you are studying ancient civilizations or the Maya culture, this is a great site for developing their spirit of adventure while learning valuable facts about an ancient culture.

Bravo, Dallas Museum of Art!


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