Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekend Links: Free Downloads to Felt Solar System

This week has been turned end over end here at my house. Being called for Jury Duty really threw our schedule out the window. But it is over now and I am happy to have had the chance to serve (even though we were dismissed because the defendant submitted a plea), and was almost sad that I didn't get the opportunity to see the whole thing through. It was a great learning experience and provided an awesome opportunity to talk to my daughter about the judicial system of our country.

But I'll be back on track next week! And here are this week's links...

• Evelyn from 2 Pequeños Traviesos has started a page with free downloads. Be sure to bookmark it!

Free Tickets to Six Flags Parks for Reading :: The Homeschool Parent (If you live near a Six Flags theme park, you have got to check out their Read to Succeed program!)

Brightening Winter with Poetry Collages :: The Homeschool Classroom

Spanish is a Muscle :: Spanglish Baby

Helpful Homeschool Hints: Using Real Art Supplies :: Many Little Blessings

Science Fishing – Catch an Ice Cube with a Piece of String :: Steve Spangler Science

Helping Young Children Learn Spanish and Math Concepts is FUN! :: Boca Beth


• This beautiful mobile from Happy Find would be a great gift for un hermanito or hermanita, and I think it would be one that you could easily create together with your children.

Volcano Study :: Montessori Spanish (I was so excited to see this post, because I saw a volcano kit at my local Cracker Barrel and have been thinking about purchasing one to explore this topic with my daughter.)

Felt Solar System :: The Magnifying Glass (What a GREAT idea! So creative and simple, I wish I had thought of it myself!)


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