Friday, June 5, 2020

Free Download: Racial Justice & Equity Glossary Packet

One of the ways that I deal with difficult situations is by letting my creative side work to produce something that I hope will help parents and children. 

With so much happening and all the social media and news outlets focused on the current situation, there are a lot of words being put out there that kids don't understand. So I started going through articles and social media posts and writing down those words that kids (and adults!) may not be familiar with. I did this for myself, too. I had no idea what redlining, allyship, or microaggression meant. 

So with the help of some friends, I put together this vocabulary list and then put them all into a glossary. I'm sure that there are many words I've missed, but this is still a great start for helping tweens and teens understand all the terminology being used. 

This Racial Justice and Equity Glossary and Poster Set includes the following:

- poster (full-color & black-and-white) featuring key terminology
- 55 words or phrases plus their definitions
- write the definition worksheets (plus answer key)
- discussion questions
- research and write worksheet
- a list of types of ways to protest
- a list of famous protesters
- and blank writing pages.

You can download it for free on TPT  or from Google Drive.

I hope you find it helpful for talking with your kids about what is happening in our country.

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