Friday, August 19, 2011

Resources for Creating A Healthy Diet for Your Familia

Creating a healthy diet plan for your family takes time and organization. As mamis, we are the ones who decide what our family is going to eat and we establish our children's eating routines. When we don't take the time to think about what we are buying at the grocery store and what our meal plan for the week is, it becomes SO easy for junk food sneak into our lives.

I don't use a meal planner. And I think this is my biggest mistake. I have never been a great cook like my 'Buelita, mainly because I don't make it a priority. I should. So I've been exploring my options, and here are a few of the resources I've been looking at or using:

This month I discovered Williams-Sonoma after a friend told me about this sale. Since then, I was pleasantly surprised to discover their bts 30-Minute Meal calendar. Two recipes that immediately caught my eye were the Cuban Beef Picadillo (yum!) and the Honey-Lime Sweet Potatoes. They also have a page dedicated to Back-to-School snacks.

Along the same lines, one of their blogs, The Blender, has recently posted an article on 4 Ways to Make Kids' Lunches More Fun. If nothing else, READ THIS ARTICLE!! I was sold with the very first picture. (Can you figure out why?) In fact, this awesome blog has a whole section dedicated to Back-to-School related subjects (their yogurt parfaits look so deliciosos!)

Nourish Interactive has got to be one of the best bilingual nutrition sites on the web. They have games, printables, recipes, a meal planner, and even a children's BMI calculator. I love their educational resources. Both parents and kids will enjoy this site!

Which types of resources do you use to help you with meal planning?

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  1. I love the whole foods website for easy under $10 recipes. They have a cooking with kids section that my 11 year old likes and can for the most part do the recipes himself.
    Thanks for the williams sonoma link... didn't know they had this!

  2. I think the website is cool because of its nutritional information. It's really hard to think of foods that you need to prepare for a week but with the help of nutritional experts, life becomes a little easy. What's even wonderful is you could ask your kids to help you out in preparing the meals.

  3. Awesome link, Marcela! Thanks for sharing.

    And great idea about involving the kids...

  4. Monica, I must, must start creating and using a calendar meal. This is one of the reasons why I don't like cooking, because I normally leave all the thinking about what to cook 5 minutes before cooking...LOL.

    I like that WS 30-minute meal calendar. that's awesome. I'm printing it right now.

    Will share this post with other mamas.



  5. Angelica, I'm the WORST when it comes to planning ahead! Like you, I wait until the last second. And then I don't usually have the right ingredients. Bah! I'm trying to do better :)


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