Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Winter Games Unit

The Winter Olympics will be starting in about 2 and a half weeks! Will your family be watching? We will.

And, of course, this is the perfect event to turn into a learning opportunity. Practice worldschooling! Introduce your children to 11 countries, the history of the Olympics, famous athletes and more with the new Winter Games Unit from Multicultural Kid Blogs. You may enjoy it just as much as they do.

Things have been quiet here on MommyMaestra the last few weeks because I was working on this packet. Yes, I am a contributor. And I was delighted to do so. It was so much fun to work on this unit and create pages that are engaging and educational. Lots of research and creativity going on here.

You may remember me contributing to a similar packet for the Summer Olympics a couple of years ago. In fact, you can still download the free sample pages that feature the country of Mexico and it's participation in the Olympics.

For parents and educators raising global citizens, this downloadable no-prep packet introduces children to 11 countries around the world through the Olympics theme. The Winter Games Unit Activity Pack contains 100 pages of learning materials, including:

• a history of the Ancient and Modern Olympics
• a brief history of the Olympic flame
• a brief description of all the sports played in the 2018 Winter Games
• world mapping activity
• an introduction to this year’s host city and country
• introductions to the Olympics top ten nations with the most medals; includes country facts, geography, brief histories, landmarks, wildlife, music, famous people, Olympics facts, a kid-friendly recipe, and recommended reading
• reading passages about six famous winter Olympians
• additional worksheets that allow students to show what they’ve learned, such as flag matching, word search, matching, fill in the blank, multiple choice, and trivia.

An answer key is included. These fun activities are designed for children ages 8 – 12, or 3rd through 6th grade.

You can purchase and download this packet from MKB's TpT store or on their website.

Enjoy the PyeongChang Olympics!