Monday, January 15, 2018

Martin Luther King Jr. Glossary for Families

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! 

In honor of the great Dr. King, I have created this printable Martin Luther King Jr. poster and glossary of words associated with the American hero. His words are just as important today as they were back when he was alive and especially on August 28, 1968, when he delivered his famous speech.

Martin Luther King Jr. Glossary for Families

Decorate your classroom or refrigerator with these colorful posters, or print the black-and-white versions and have your child color them in. All of the words chosen for the glossary are closely associated with the civil rights activist. 

And this packet has been updated to include a definition worksheet and writing page to extend the learning.

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How to Use my Glossaries

My glossary packs are a great way to introduce children to historical figures while expanding their vocabulary at the same time. I recommend pairing them with a good children's biography. Some great ones about the great Dr. King can be found in my article, 5 Books to Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr., which I wrote for

Once your students have learned about the topic of my glossaries, read the vocabulary words together and discuss their definitions. Then you might share the definition worksheet(s) with your students and have them define each term. Allowing them to reference the glossary is optional.

Lastly, have your students write a one-page essay about the historical figure (in this case, Dr. King) and encourage them to use as many of the vocabulary words as they can. Older students using the more advanced glossaries can certainly write more extensive essays.

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