Wednesday, August 3, 2022

The Latino Family's Guide to Homeschooling 2nd Edition

The Latino Family's Guide to Homeschooling 2nd Edition

Five years ago, before the whole pandemic mess started, I published my first book titled, The Latino Family's Guide to Homeschooling. It is jam packed with great information for Hispanic families looking to get started with homeschooling. From bilingual homeschooling to prepping for college, this book includes the stories of eight other Latinas from very diverse backgrounds who share their own experiences and tips on homeschooling.

But after five years and a pandemic, some of the resources I listed changed. A few disappeared, but a lot more have been created. When I started homeschooling 13 years ago, there was virtually nothing available about or for Hispanic families. Over the years, that has slowly changed. But the last two years have caused an explosion of resources. When Latinos couldn't find the resources they needed, they stepped up and created them.

An updated guide for Latino homeschoolers

So I'm super please to announce The Latino Family's Guide to Homeschooling, 2nd Edition of my book, which has been newly revised and updated to provide current products and services available to Hispanic homeschoolers, is now available!

Latinos are one of the fastest growing group of homeschoolers. But publicly, the homeschool arena is dominated by non-Latino whites. And many Hispanic parents still remain hesitant or anxious about starting to homeschool. Information on getting started is just overwhelming. 

If you are looking for a community to help you, consider joining my Facebook group, Hispanic and Bilingual Homeschoolers. We would love to have you. 

As more and more families realize this is an option for them, the demand for Spanish-based and culture-based products increases. Join me in keeping an eye out for new companies. And share them with me!

And if you are thinking about homeschooling but don't know where to begin, pick up a copy of my new book. I think you'll be glad you did. 

Preschool at Home: A Guide for Caregivers

A homeschool preschool guide

And if you are just looking for advice and guidance for teaching your preschooler at home, consider picking up a copy of my book Preschool at Home: A Guide for Caregivers. It is a condensed version of my other book and focuses only on preschool.

One of the best parts of this book that isn't included in my bigger homeschool guide is the reproducible pages available in the back. These include checklists of concepts and skills that preschoolers should learn, as well as planning pages for establishing a routine and organizing lessons. 

I know you'll love it. 

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