Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Free Printable Bilingual 2020 Resolution Worksheet for Kids


That's my word for 2020. A new year. A new decade. And I believe that anything is possible... especially in my own life. I simply have to believe it and so, for this coming year, I believe that what I want is possible. I can be productive, successful, and financially stable even with a 2-year-old in the house.

I have a billion ideas that are always blooming in my head. So many great ventures waiting for some attention. They just need some energy behind them.

There are other goals on my list for this year. I need to develop my time management skills. I want to work on my patience. I'd like to read this book. And I want to learn more about Latin American countries, their customs, traditions, and people.

My annual resolution charts have already been printed and are ready for my two older kids to fill out today. I don't really like the word resolution, though. Think of these more as goal worksheets. Resolutions, too often, are abandoned within a few weeks. We can't guarantee that everything no our worksheets will get done, but it certainly gives us something to work towards.

This year, I've decided to hang the worksheets in a place where we can see them throughout the year. I've always placed them in our homeschooling binders, but I've decided this isn't visible enough. I need to be reminded of my goals, and I think my kids do, too.

So if you'd like to use this printable with your own children, you can download it free below. The file contains both an English and a Spanish worksheet.

Happy New Year!