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Evan-Moor Geography for K - 6th Grade

(UPDATE: Sorry, Friends! Evan-Moor had me remove the images that had answers on them. Since this review was written almost four years ago, I don't have the books to take new pics of any blank pages - they would have all been filled in anyway. But I'm sure you can find a few sample pages on both Christian Book and Amazon - links are at the bottom of this post.)

One of my favorite topics to teach is geography. I love helping my kids learn about the world. One of the resources I've been using for years is Evan-Moor geography materials.

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I actually started by using Evan-Moor's Beginning Geography (aff link) when my kids were in 1st grade. It is designed for students in K - 2nd. I really loved this book because of the various activities that taught my kids map skills, such as the various elements of a map (compass rose, legend/map key, cardinal directions, etc.), and how to identify landforms and bodies of water. This is when they also learned the names of the continents and the oceans. The illustrations were fantastic and it also came with a couple of pull-out maps that were very colorful and engaging.

After this, we moved on to Evan-Moor's Daily Geography Practice (aff link) workbooks. They are available for 1st - 6th grades.

They come with 36 weekly lessons that you can assign daily (Monday through Friday), or, as I sometimes do, have my kids complete once or twice a week.

Each lesson is made up of four pages. The first page is a teacher resource page. It includes all the directions for introducing the lesson, including background information to give your child, new vocabulary, and questions to ask. There's also a section with the answer key to the workbook pages your child will complete.

The second page typically has a reproducible map. Each map is different and covers different concepts, including parts of a map, types of maps, and geography terms, such as hemisphere, prime meridian, lines of latitude, and so on.

The third and fourth pages are the actual daily questions for the student to answer by referencing the map and what they learned in the discussion. There are two questions per day, plus a challenge question.

Another great resource for younger students is Evan-Moor's Geography Centers. What I like best about these are the hands-on activities are age appropriate and allow my kids to work independently without my assistance. I would purchase both and have my kids do the Daily Geography once or twice a week, and then let them do the Center activities in between.

Now that my kids are older, I really like E-M's The Seven Continents series (aff). It's designed for kids in 4th through 6th grade and higher. We started with South America (of course!) and have moved on from there. The series focuses on geography literacy and the reading is heavier duty. It introduces kids to the continent and the countries found there.

There are seven sections:
  1. how the continent relates to the rest of the world
  2. political divisions
  3. physical features
  4. valuable resources
  5. culture
  6. test/assessment 
  7. notebooking pages
Sections one through five begin with an overview and end with a review quiz, with informational text in between. My daughter really enjoys this series. Here are a few sample pages from the South American workbook:

So if you are looking for materials that aren't overly expensive yet full of information, this may be the series for you!

You can find them all listed on Christian Book (aff) and on Amazon (aff).

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