Friday, October 2, 2015

Day of the Dead Activity Calendar

Guess what! Day of the Dead - or Día de los Muertos - is exactly one month away! I have tons of activities here on my site (and a few others that I love) for kids to make, read, watch and more. But it can be tricky to find all of them, so I've created this living calendar to help you!

My Day of the Dead Activity Calendar is full of 32 resources for celebrating the holiday with your children. I'll be updating some of the links as we go through the month and new, fun content goes up on MommyMaestra. Please note that a couple of the book links are affiliate links to my Amazon store. And you know what happens when you buy one them? Amazon puts a small percentage on a gift card for me to buy more books for my kids and to share reviews with you.

I hope you all enjoy my Day of the Dead Activity Calendar!