Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Learning is Easy and Flexible with Brain Chase

Yesterday, I took time to update our Brain Chase dashboard. My kids can't wait to start another one of their summer learning adventures. This particular one appeals to their adventurous spirit.

We have a lot going on this summer. From camping trips to summer reading to swim, swim, swimming, we're looking forward to playing and learning together. That's why I'm loving the flexibility of the program. If we miss a day (or even a week!), my kids can go back and easily catch up on their own. 

When we registered, my kids committed to doing 5 hours of online work a week for 5 weeks. They don't mind because they know that they're on a mission to solve a mystery - one that could win them $10K in scholarship money!

At first, they were wishy-washy about the idea, but they changed their minds after watching the first video...

And then when they learned that last year's winner won a trip for his whole family to Spain to dig up a real treasure? Well, forget it. They were totally in. 

This year's challenge is to find the Sunstone of Cort├ęs! 

To participate, your family will need a high-speed internet connection so your kids can watch the animated videos (with clues!) and complete their work. While it is best for them to use a desktop computer for any writing assignments, they can complete math, language and reading assignments on tablets. Or your kids may elect to learn a language instead of the writing assignments, like mine did. They chose Spanish, of course! And will be learning from Rosetta Stone. 

We've already received a package in the mail with items that appeal to their sense of adventure: a decoder ring, a compass, two mysterious beans... Well, my kids used the decoder ring to break the code that came in a letter with the package. They totally loved it. They planted the beans to reveal a secret message when the seedlings came up. And now the ring and the compass live in secret compartments in an old jewelry box awaiting the start of the program.

So what are you waiting for, Parents? If it sounds like Brain Chase might be the perfect summer learning adventure for your family, then visit today. There's still time to register!

Teachers! Do you know about the teacher referral reward program? Brain Chase is offering a $15 Staples gift card to teachers for each of their students they refer to Brain Chase. Registrants who hear about Brain Chase from a teacher can simply enter that teacher's name and school name at registration. The referral rewards can add up to substantial funding for classroom supplies – it's a great opportunity for a class fundraiser through the PTA or other school organizations.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.