Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mothers Who Teach: 10 Gift Ideas for You

Teacher's Appreciation Day and Mother's Day are next week! Some of us are just that - Moms who teach! What a coincidence that the two hardest, but most rewarding jobs are celebrated on the same week. Hmmm. I would have preferred the two were a little further apart so that I could look forward to the next batch of chocolates and flowers at another time of year.

I'm not sure why the two special days are so close, but I do know that most of us will not be creating our own festive crafts. We hope that someone will help our little ones pick out a nice card and bring us a simple breakfast in bed. What we can do is to make time (even if it's just taking a little time) for ourselves. A little treat is always needed, yet we are probably the worst at doing this. Making so many other people a priority is the norm in our lives, but we are better mothers and teachers when we are good to ourselves, too.

Here are 10 gift ideas for all mothers who teach. Pick one, two, or all and enjoy!

Take yourself out to a movie. If Frozen is the only movie you have seen in the past few months, it's time to check out another inspiring film. Even if you go on your own, it's a great form of relaxation and a two-hour break from reality.

Eat lunch out on your own. Before I started teaching and way before having children, I never went out to eat on my own. Now, I crave a quiet lunch or dinner often. There are days I can't remember if I fed myself! Sadly, many moms and teachers don't get to enjoy the simplest of all pleasures...because of lack of time.

Buy flowers. My students and children know I love fresh flowers. The delicate bouquets fill my heart with joy and I have always bought them for myself. When someone else gets them for me...they get extra credit points!

Eat chocolate. And cake and wine too! Little bits of indulgence makes life sweeter. Treat yourself and toast to a job well done.

Splurge on a spa treatment. All it takes is one hour. Have someone pamper you next week. Even a simple manicure or pedicure feels so good. How about an hour-long massage? Yes, please!

Spend a quiet day or night in. I must confess, as much as I love my Hubby and three boys, I need a little break from them once in a while. They are loud! Sometimes the best gift is when my husband takes them all out for an hour or two. It is rare for homeschooling moms and stay-at-home moms to ever have the house to themselves. Enjoy it!

Get Spiritual. Whether it is going to church or a yoga class, try these activities alone as well. I haven't experienced a more spiritual and mind-clearing hour than when I attend mass or yoga on my own.

Retail therapy. Even the smallest of purchases does a mind good. Consider it a well-deserved present you bought yourself.

Spend a day with your own mom. Our own mothers and other experienced women we look up to can be considered our first teachers. These are wise, kind, brilliant women who nourish our minds and souls. Your biggest confidants would appreciate a special dinner or whole day with just you. Go ahead and plan this for you both.

Don't do a thing.  You know how hard you work? Enough said.

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