Wednesday, May 14, 2014

7 Brazil and World Cup Internet Resources for Kids

Here at Mommy Maestra, we continue with all things World Cup! In our home, we definitely have the fever. My oldest can not wait for June 12th to arrive and his little brothers will surely catch on when they realize there will be futbol on our screen every day, all day, for a whole month!

Diego is seven, a huge soccer fan, and the World Cup will help him learn much more about the sport. This includes learning as much as he can about the host country, Brazil. I have done a little research to find websites that will expand his knowledge about the South American country, as well as sites that will keep him posted on scores and standings.

Here are 7 internet resources to introduce to your own child so they can enjoy the World Cup to the fullest.

Science Kids offers interesting, fun, and quick facts on Brazil for kids. They also offer links to expand children's knowledge on topics such as the Amazon Rainforest and the Amazon River. Easy to read!

National Geographic Kids is a gorgeous site with beautiful photography. I spent quite some time on it! Here you get more facts on Brazil with a little more substance in a magazine-style format.

Time for Kids features an Around the World section for many countries. It includes eight pages of sightseeing guides, a history timeline, native lingo and even what a typical school day entails in a country like Brazil.

Enchanted Learning is another site full of straight facts on countries but also includes printouts of worksheets and maps for kids to work on. Look closely because some printouts are only for site members, but not all!

Britannica Kids is still your trusty encyclopedia except it's online! I love that kids can discover information based on the subtopics that appear after the initial search. Just type in "Brazil" for you to see!

Activity Village will be one of our top sites to go to for World Cup activities. They offer free printables, worksheets, bookmarks, coloring pages...tons of great work to keep your child occupied throughout el mundial.

Sports Illustrated Kids is going to keep your children busy every single day with updated team scores, players' personal stories and fun games.

Let us know what you think of these sites and if you have some to recommend, please share! 

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