Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Spanish App: Learn Spanish for Toddlers - Bilingual Child Bubbles

Name: Learn Spanish for Toddlers - Bilingual Child Bubbles
Subject(s): Spanish
Brief Description:  An interactive app where children learn Spanish through immersion by selecting pictures that match the written and audible words.
Price: FREE - $23.92
Language: Spanish
Ages: 1 to 4

The newest app from Tiny Factory focuses on developing skills in toddlers and preschoolers. The simple game features 10 different, whimsical lands for your child to travel to. Each land focuses on a specific category, such as los animales (I & II), los nĂºmeros, las figuras geometricas, los medios the transporte, la escuela, las fruitas, la ropa, y los juguetes. Your child selects a category and is taken to a screen with a simple, slowly moving background (like space, or gently rolling hills). Up in the corner, your "teacher" is young Carlos, a Spanish-speaking boy, who says a word in Spanish. The word is also displayed in a word bubble next to his face. Floating around the screen are bubbles of different sizes and inside each one is an object. Your child must touch (or pop) the bubble with the item that correctly matches the word Carlos says.

What I like:  This app is a great tool for both fluent and non-fluent children. Spanish learners can learn Spanish words with this immersion-style game. Spanish-speaking children can develop their vocabulary while learning basic concepts needed for Kindergarten, such as number, color and shape recognition, as well as common and everyday items like animals, types of transportation, fruits, clothes, toys and school supplies. At the same time, the game helps to develop fine-motor skills and even promotes pre-literacy since each word spoken appears in a word bubble next to Carlos. 

Other Notes: I really like this app and recommend it for early education. However, it can be a little pricey because this app offers in-app purchases. You only get two levels (Animales I & Los NĂºmeros) for free. Each subsequent level/category is $2.99 or all of them for $11.99. Obviously, it is cheaper to just buy them all at once than to purchase each individual level.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. Tiny Factory contacted me and asked me to review their app. I only explored the free levels.