Wednesday, May 22, 2013

End of the School Year Lessons and Activities


Whether you are teaching in a classroom or at home, summer is quickly approaching and lesson plans are coming to an end. After the units are completed and the testing is done, we have to find ways to continue to motivate our students during the home stretch. I remember being in the classroom and the final weeks in May became more challenging as the kids (and teachers) developed a bad case of "summer-itis".

It can happen at home as well. On a daily basis, I supplement my son's education by teaching Spanish, working on math word problems, reading, spelling and sometimes even religious education. In addition, I make sure music lesson assignments are completed and chess is enjoyed at home too. As the school year is wrapping up, I realize that we stop staying on schedule (some days have been so nice outside)! Although, I believe in just relaxing on some days and enjoying lots of free time, there are enough hours in the day to continue our job! Here are some ideas for you to help end the school year with assignments and ideas that are educational and fun! These can be applied to all grades too and can be carried on to the summer months as well.

If you use your smart phone as much as I do to take pictures of your little ones all day long, review the photos with your students to do the following: 

Talk about the big moments/projects done this year and make your own yearbook or picture album.

Have your students journal about their favorite part of the school year.

Have your students journal about the most challenging part of the year.

Think ahead: 

Journal goals for the next year.

Journal plans for the summer.

Creative writing:

Objects in a beach bag. Pack a bag with summer essentials such as a beach ball, sunscreen, and sand toys and have your students write a story using the contents in the bag. Get creative yourself! Throw in an odd object (a serving spoon or a thermometer) to help add humor or drama to the story.

Write a letter to a character of your favorite book.  If your students could say anything to their favorite fiction characters, what would it be?


Clean the classroom! Organize supplies, books, and paper clutter. File, recycle, wash down and dust. Have your students help you make a list of the supplies needed for next year. They might surprise you with a great request!

Having fun while still learning:

Play games: Sorry!, Matching, Loteria, Chess, Chinese Checkers, UNO, Quirkle...just to name a few of our favorites, are great educational games to play during down time.

Field trip! A trip to your local firehouse or post office can still be educational! Or take a simple nature walk. Have students write or illustrate what they saw on the way to their destination. Maybe bring a camera along?

Special lunch or dinner.  Some home schooled students go year round and some don't. Regardless, make time to celebrate! Even if a graduation is not taking place, take your kids out for a special meal and reward yourself too!

Do you have any educational end-of-the-year ideas? Please share in the comments below! image via

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