Friday, May 24, 2013

Bilingual Mathematics


Do you know about Bilingual Mathematics? A few weeks ago, the creator of the site sent me an email inviting me to take a look.

Carmen Ayala says she works with mostly Latino students in the Chicago area and has been creating resources to help them in school and life. She's most passionate about teaching math.

"What I noticed throughout my work is that students are able to solve simple arithmetic problems," Carmen says, "but struggle when it comes to problem solving, which often includes reading."

So she created a site called Bilingual Mathematics to help solve this problem. It offers math printables, all of which can be downloaded in both English and in Spanish. There is even a section on each resource that reinforces math vocabulary, which our students often struggle with. And all of the bilingual worksheets are common core aligned.

Bilingual Mathematics is a subscription-based service. It costs $29.95 a year. For those of you with children who are struggling in math, this might be worth a try.

I would, however, have preferred to download a few sample worksheets, though I could not find any on the site. If you have used Bilingual Mathematics before, or you sign up now, let us know what you think...