Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sites that Promote International Education

I wanted to wind up International Education Week by sharing a few sites that I have found and think are really interesting. Maybe you'll find them intriguing, too!

Multicultural Education through Miniatures - This fascinating website includes photos, activities, stories and more of handmade dolls and puppets from around the world. I had a great time just looking at all the different dolls, but there are some fun - and educational! - games on the site as well.

The International Child Art Foundation - This goal of this group is "to integrate the arts with science, sport and technology for the development of children’s innate creativity and intrinsic empathy – preconditions for a more just, prosperous and nonviolent world."

They actually have a lot of programs that support children in art, like the Art Olympiad, the world’s largest and most prestigious art and sport program for children. It is a free program that is open to children ages 8 - 12. School children and homeschoolers are both eligible. They offer a number of other programs and even a magazine. Visit their site for more information.

And, sadly, I found out about the Chicago International Children's Film Festival a little too late (Boo!), but the good thing is that parents and teachers can still learn more, get involved, and even schedule screenings by visiting their website. If you are in the Chicago area, even better! So go check out the largest film festival in N. America that features movies made by kids, for kids.

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