Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jugar y colorear: A Spanish Website for Parents & Teachers

I am super excited about this new website that I stumbled upon and I think you will be, too.  Jugar y Colorear is a Spanish website filled with activities for children. I think they are based out of Argentina.

They do have a few annoying ads right at the beginning of each post, which I find very distracting, but other than that, the site contains a lot of useful links, resources, printables, etc.

Jugar y colorear includes stories, coloring pages, games, hands-on activities, and even a section dedicated to recorder lessons.

They also have a fair number of Día de los Muertos activities like this cut-out Catrina...

So if you are looking for Spanish websites with fun downloads, head on over there and take a look around!

Con mucho cariño!!


  1. Thank you for the link to the free books. I am always looking for ways to find free books but especially any in Spanish.
    Fun-Key Spanish for First Grade Blogger

  2. You are so welcome, Susana! I try to balance the blog and share both Spanish and English resources to make everyone happy.

    Be sure and look at some of the other websites that offer free online books in Spanish, such as the International Children's Library and ClicClicClic...



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